What can be said about Sallie & Simon’s day? It was AMAZING! A wonderful marquee reception in a friend of the family’s garden, details galore, a super fun bride and groom, and lots of fun and laughter. A pretty much perfect wedding :-)

Here are their highlights …

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  1. WOW! Where to start?! A truly fantastic collection of images. You manage to mix great documentary shots (which are extremely creative too – the car reflection shots are awesome) with superb portraits too – being so good in the two areas is very rare but you excel in both. Seriously impressive!

  2. Hello newlyweds. Your album looks beautiful. My favourites are in the series of just you two, towards the end of the album. Looks like you had fun. Cheers to a long happy life together.

  3. What’s higher than a double hi-5? Because that’s what you guys deserve for this mega wedding! Epic portraits (the ones in the field are beautiful) and brilliant documentary. Just awesome.

  4. Oh my goodness Liam, Bee wasn’t wrong when she said you got them doing crazy things, amazing!! I love the whole wedding but especially all your portraits (LOVE the off camera flash golfing ones & bridal party silly walking!) The final picture is a gorgeous way to end too! :)


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