Oh yeah! Jackie and Lee know how to throw a mega party! I can’t begin to tell you how much I love Jewish Weddings and Jewish Wedding Photography! Jewish weddings are always jam packed with so much energy, soul, awesome food, and some of the most crazy dancing I have ever seen! I like to describe them as Tsunami weddings … you can’t really control them so its best just to dive in the middle and go with them! I always come out the end in one piece and with some awesome Jewish wedding photographs!

Jackie and Lee held their Jewish wedding at Sefton Palm House which is a bit of a historical landmark in Liverpool. Newly restored, the setting is gorgeous and perfect for big weddings such as this one.

If you are planning a Jewish wedding get in touch … we love them!

Wedding venue: Sefton Palm House

Grooms suit: Hugo Boss

Flowers by: Red Floral

Cake: Celia Klein

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