Drum roll … this is the Vickie + Weng-Hong’s Chinese wedding at Mottram Hall in Cheshire. I’m a massive fan of Chinese weddings and have been lucky enough to have photographed lots of them over the years. There is something very unique about a Chinese wedding and one of my favourite parts of the day is the door games! This is a time for the girls to basically have some ‘fun’ with the boys … setting them tasks and games, for which they must pass in order for the groom to win access to his bride. They are just hilarious and so much fun to photograph! Vickie and Weng-Hong’s wedding was a fusion wedding and so some western aspects were incorporated … there wasn’t the huge 14 course banquet usually associated with Chinese weddings which is no bad thing as I can never peel myself off the seat after that much grub! Vicki and WH were such a sweet couple … quiet and relaxed, super in love, and such a joy to photograph. Guys, thank you for booking me to photograph your Chinese wedding at Mottram Hall :)

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