Last week I met up with the insanely talented wedding photographer that is Steve Gerrard to take some pictures. He brought along his awesome wife Evelyne and his super cool sons – Elliot, Isaac, and Jonas … it was ace!2014-07-28_00012014-07-28_00022014-07-28_00032014-07-28_00042014-07-28_00052014-07-28_00062014-07-28_00072014-07-28_00082014-07-28_00092014-07-28_00102014-07-28_00112014-07-28_00122014-07-28_00132014-07-28_00142014-07-28_00152014-07-28_00162014-07-28_00172014-07-28_0018

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  1. Mate, we knew you’d deliver some images we’d love but we’re absolutely blown away by these! You’ve managed to capture the kids we love so much perfectly. I can see their personalities in every shot.
    It’s a big year for the Gerrards as you know and to have these photos to remember, taken in the city I grew up in, means so much.
    Thank you so much!


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