And so ends another year for camp Crawley … What have we been doing with ourselves? Literally I didn’t have a clue until I started looking through all the epic weddings and portrait sessions I have had the privilege to shoot this year. I knew I’d been busy but my baby brain couldn’t for the life of me recall where I had been?! This has been my first full year as a dad and I have thoroughly enjoyed seeing my gorgeous little daughter, Betty grow … she is amazing. So as well as being a pretty much full time dad I have also been a crazy busy photographer! 2014 saw me shoot 53 weddings, 21 pre wedding shoots, 18 family shoots, and 3 training courses … in total I have clicked over 180,000 frames!! I was lucky enough to be asked to cover an epic Chinese wedding in Singapore, Johor Bahru in Malaysia, and Kuching in Borneo. I’ve shot in London 7 times, flew in a helicopter over the Welsh mountains with one of my couples, photographed a groom arriving on a horse, shot by the sea, by lakes, in sand dunes, in cities, in the beautiful countryside of Devon, down a dodgy alleyway in Liverpool, in castles, and in sprawling mansions. I’ve shot chinese weddings, muslim weddings, hindu weddings, jewish weddings, greek weddings, christian weddings. I’ve discovered aerial photography, made possible by my fave purchase of the year … my go go gadget boots! I’ve also discovered that it is possible to get a bride to lay down in a car park in a £3000 dress simply by smiling and nodding with a wide eyed enthusiasm for the picture idea :) I’ve had the huge privilege to help train and inspire over 30 photographers along side my very good friend and amazing wedding photographer Neil Redfern, and my amazing wife Bee who without her I wouldn’t be where I am today … big love to the both of you X 2014 also saw the birth of our sister site, Life is Crawesome, and we have had such a Crawesome time photographing lots of our amazing photographer friends and their families including Steven Gerrard, Andy Gaines, John Hope, Peter Clarke, Hannah Webster, Dan Wootten, James Jebson and many more … sorry if I’ve missed you off the list guys. I won creative wedding photographer of the year, reportage wedding photographer of the year, and overall wedding photographer of the year through the BIPP :) I could keep on going on and on about 2014 now that I have seen the pics … it seems that I have been everywhere! So let’s crack on with the highlights … thanks for being good to us 2014 :) Cheshire_Wedding_Photographers_0001Cheshire_Wedding_Photographers_0002Cheshire_Wedding_Photographers_0003Cheshire_Wedding_Photographers_0004Cheshire_Wedding_Photographers_0005Cheshire_Wedding_Photographers_0006Cheshire_Wedding_Photographers_0007Cheshire_Wedding_Photographers_0008Cheshire_Wedding_Photographers_0009Cheshire_Wedding_Photographers_0010Cheshire_Wedding_Photographers_0011Cheshire_Wedding_Photographers_0012Cheshire_Wedding_Photographers_0013Cheshire_Wedding_Photographers_0014Cheshire_Wedding_Photographers_0015Cheshire_Wedding_Photographers_0016Cheshire_Wedding_Photographers_0017Cheshire_Wedding_Photographers_0018Cheshire_Wedding_Photographers_0019Cheshire_Wedding_Photographers_0020Cheshire_Wedding_Photographers_0021Cheshire_Wedding_Photographers_0022Cheshire_Wedding_Photographers_0023Cheshire_Wedding_Photographers_0024Cheshire_Wedding_Photographers_0025Cheshire_Wedding_Photographers_0026Cheshire_Wedding_Photographers_0027Cheshire_Wedding_Photographers_0028Cheshire_Wedding_Photographers_0029Cheshire_Wedding_Photographers_0030Cheshire_Wedding_Photographers_0031Cheshire_Wedding_Photographers_0032Cheshire_Wedding_Photographers_0033Cheshire_Wedding_Photographers_0034Cheshire_Wedding_Photographers_0035Cheshire_Wedding_Photographers_0036Cheshire_Wedding_Photographers_0037Cheshire_Wedding_Photographers_0038Cheshire_Wedding_Photographers_0039Cheshire_Wedding_Photographers_0040Cheshire_Wedding_Photographers_0041Cheshire_Wedding_Photographers_0042Cheshire_Wedding_Photographers_0043Cheshire_Wedding_Photographers_0044Cheshire_Wedding_Photographers_0045Cheshire_Wedding_Photographers_0046Cheshire_Wedding_Photographers_0047Cheshire_Wedding_Photographers_0048Cheshire_Wedding_Photographers_0049Cheshire_Wedding_Photographers_0050Cheshire_Wedding_Photographers_0051Cheshire_Wedding_Photographers_0052Cheshire_Wedding_Photographers_0053Cheshire_Wedding_Photographers_0054Cheshire_Wedding_Photographers_0055Cheshire_Wedding_Photographers_0056Cheshire_Wedding_Photographers_0057Cheshire_Wedding_Photographers_0058Cheshire_Wedding_Photographers_0059Cheshire_Wedding_Photographers_0060Cheshire_Wedding_Photographers_0061Cheshire_Wedding_Photographers_0062Cheshire_Wedding_Photographers_0063Cheshire_Wedding_Photographers_0064Cheshire_Wedding_Photographers_0065Cheshire_Wedding_Photographers_0066Cheshire_Wedding_Photographers_0067Cheshire_Wedding_Photographers_0068Cheshire_Wedding_Photographers_0069Cheshire_Wedding_Photographers_0070Cheshire_Wedding_Photographers_0071Cheshire_Wedding_Photographers_0072Cheshire_Wedding_Photographers_0073Cheshire_Wedding_Photographers_0074Cheshire_Wedding_Photographers_0075Cheshire_Wedding_Photographers_0076Cheshire_Wedding_Photographers_0077Cheshire_Wedding_Photographers_0078Cheshire_Wedding_Photographers_0079Cheshire_Wedding_Photographers_0080Cheshire_Wedding_Photographers_0081Cheshire_Wedding_Photographers_0082Cheshire_Wedding_Photographers_0083Cheshire_Wedding_Photographers_0084Cheshire_Wedding_Photographers_0085Cheshire_Wedding_Photographers_0086Cheshire_Wedding_Photographers_0087Cheshire_Wedding_Photographers_0088Cheshire_Wedding_Photographers_0089Cheshire_Wedding_Photographers_0090Cheshire_Wedding_Photographers_0091Cheshire_Wedding_Photographers_0092Cheshire_Wedding_Photographers_0093Cheshire_Wedding_Photographers_0094Cheshire_Wedding_Photographers_0095Cheshire_Wedding_Photographers_0096Cheshire_Wedding_Photographers_0097Cheshire_Wedding_Photographers_0098Cheshire_Wedding_Photographers_0099Cheshire_Wedding_Photographers_0100Cheshire_Wedding_Photographers_0101Cheshire_Wedding_Photographers_0102Cheshire_Wedding_Photographers_0103Cheshire_Wedding_Photographers_0104Cheshire_Wedding_Photographers_0105Cheshire_Wedding_Photographers_0106Cheshire_Wedding_Photographers_0107Cheshire_Wedding_Photographers_0108Cheshire_Wedding_Photographers_0109Cheshire_Wedding_Photographers_0110Cheshire_Wedding_Photographers_0111Cheshire_Wedding_Photographers_0112Cheshire_Wedding_Photographers_0113Cheshire_Wedding_Photographers_0114Cheshire_Wedding_Photographers_0115Cheshire_Wedding_Photographers_0116Cheshire_Wedding_Photographers_0117Cheshire_Wedding_Photographers_0118Cheshire_Wedding_Photographers_0119Cheshire_Wedding_Photographers_0120Cheshire_Wedding_Photographers_0121Cheshire_Wedding_Photographers_0122Cheshire_Wedding_Photographers_0123Cheshire_Wedding_Photographers_0124Cheshire_Wedding_Photographers_0125Cheshire_Wedding_Photographers_0126Cheshire_Wedding_Photographers_0127Cheshire_Wedding_Photographers_0128Cheshire_Wedding_Photographers_0129Cheshire_Wedding_Photographers_0130Cheshire_Wedding_Photographers_0131Cheshire_Wedding_Photographers_0132Cheshire_Wedding_Photographers_0133Cheshire_Wedding_Photographers_0134Cheshire_Wedding_Photographers_0135Cheshire_Wedding_Photographers_0136Cheshire_Wedding_Photographers_0137Cheshire_Wedding_Photographers_0138Cheshire_Wedding_Photographers_0139Cheshire_Wedding_Photographers_0140Cheshire_Wedding_Photographers_0141

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  1. Knew this was going to be good.. but exceeded all expectations. Have to ditto what Mr Law said and if your down Wiltshire way I’d also pay good money for a family shoot!! Inspiring stuff!

  2. Your work is just freakin’ amazing! What an amazingly unique and creative collection of images there are here. A total inspiration, as always.

  3. So diverse and creative…proper unique! A fantastic, fantastic collection. LOVE the bw first dance shot with the guy with his eyes closed in the bottom-right corner – just beautiful. And if you’re ever down Cornwall way I’d pay good money for a family shoot, pretty please? Aceness.

  4. Really top drawer. love it! Especially love the ideas and quirky, coolness in your portraits and not just the drone stuff (which is another level)

  5. Damn, sooooo damn good man, the whole post is almost like a ‘Fearless’ collection, every frame is an absolute winner – incredible work!!

    Inspiring dude!!!

  6. Oh wow! What a set. Your couple portraits are amazing and you are THE best family photographer around. Incredible. So many faves…So manyxxx

  7. Amazing year Liam and Bee, you should be so proud of everything you have achieved. An absolutely stunning job, fun, creative, bold, funky and utterly your style. Here’s to 2015!

  8. Absolutely incredible images. Your creativity and skill is unmatched and to do do it so consistently ever single time you pick up a camera, is unbelievable. It’s an honour to work with you on the workshops too! Here’s to an awesome 2015 :-)

  9. Crikey O’Reilly!

    I don’t even have enough adjectives in my brain to describe how awesome this blog is. You guys have had a truly incredible year both personally and professionally and I’m so happy I’ve got to share a little part of it with you over the last twelve months.

    Absolutely world class photography team, wonderful friends. You guys well and truly rock and I’m so, so excited to see what 2015 has in store.

  10. Ah man I flippin love it! So Crawley. So hard to pick a favourite as there’s such immense variety to your work but I love the one of the couple standing in the fountain surrounded by people sitting on the steps. It shows such balls and such trust. I love the Combermere Abbey and Danger aerial shots too. Love the reflection in the tube map as well, and I just think the Gerrards family shoot is the best family shoot the world has ever seen. Ever. Congrats Crawleys, it’s a pleasure to know you, and here’s to an even more incredible 2015!


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