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What do we do if we'd like to book you?

Can you hold our wedding date for us?

All we need to secure your booking is your online booking form to be filled in and submitted along with your £500 booking fee. Done!

We're really sorry but we're unable to hold dates as we get booked up so quickly.



Is it possible to have a second photographer?

If Liam has a long way to travel and requires overnight accommodation who will pay your expenses?

Of course! Liam prefers to shoot on his own for the consistency of his imagery and storytelling. He covers a lot of ground and moves around a great deal, and quite often a second shooter can easily pop up in the background of images which isn't ideal. Having said that we completely understand that sometimes you might prefer/it might be necessary to have a second shooter and so we have a number of really talented people that we can call on. A second shooter is charged at £100/hr.

We will cover all travelling and overnight costs. If you are getting married abroad please pop an email through to us as we have a dedicated destination wedding brochure.



How may photographs will Liam take and how many will we see??

When is our balance due?

We have no fixed number. Liam will often take 1500+ photographs at a full day wedding, but it really is dependent on lots of factors like the number of locations throughout the day, the timings and the amount of time between the ceremony and wedding breakfast. Most full day weddings produce over 500 fantastic images. We only delete images that are duplicates, very poor light images, or where we might have caught you at an unflattering angle.

Your balance is due to have cleared in our account 30 days on or before your wedding date.



What does Liam do about eating on the day?

Do you take formal groups as well as candid photos?

We’re more than happy to provide our own food ... but of course, we’d never turn down a delicious meal!

Yes, and as quickly as possible! We like to limit group shots to a maximum of 20 minutes and work to a pre-arranged list. We’ll also ask an usher to help round up the necessary guests so that we can get everything sorted as quickly as possible for you.



When will we be able to see our photographs?

Can we print from our online gallery?

Your highlights will be ready within 8 weeks of your big day. We’ll then upload your full set of images to your personal private gallery on our website for yourselves, family and friends to view and download for safe-keeping.

Most certainly. Images are available to download for self-printing, or available to purchase as prints through our online store. All we ask is that you don’t use the images for any commercial purposes.



Would you recommend a pre-wedding shoot?

Do you have insurance?

It’s perfect for anyone who is nervous about being photographed, as once you’ve seen the results from the shoot you’ll have no fears or worries left about the formal photography part of your wedding day. It’s a really informal and fun shoot. By the end of it you will have relaxed in front of the camera and we’ll have learned how best to photograph you on your wedding day. It’s totally up to you to decide whether this is something you’d like to go for.

Yes. We have public liability and professional indemnity insurances. We can provide copies of these certificates if required.



We have more questions ...

What happens if you are ill?

Please do pop an email through to us if you have any questions at all.

To date in our 17 years of shooting weddings we have never missed a wedding. However, in the very unlikely situation that this should happen we have a network of incredibly talented photographers that we could call on to stand in for us. And rest assured your wedding photographs would still be edited by Bee in our signature style.