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When it comes to UK wedding photography and destination wedding photography there are a few key styles that every photographer should be familiar with. First, there's the classical style, which is all about capturing timeless images in a traditional style. Then there's the creative style, which is all about injecting a bit of energy and personality into the photos. And finally, there's the documentary style, which is all about capturing the fun and chaos of the day as it unfolds. Of course, these are just a few of the most popular wedding photography styles. There are also more niche styles like fine art wedding photography and alternative wedding photography. But no matter what style you choose, the most important thing is that you hire a wedding photographer who can capture your special day exactly the way you want it.

wedding photography is notoriously tricky to get right - after all, you only have one chance to capture the perfect shot. However, with a little bit of preparation, any wedding photographer can rise to the occasion. Here are a few different types of wedding photography styles to consider, along with key moments that every wedding photographer needs to capture on your special day. 

Classical wedding photography is all about capturing timeless images that will be cherished for generations. Look for wedding photographers who are able to capture the elegance and grace of your wedding day without losing any of the energy and excitement. 

For a more creative approach, consider a documentary-style wedding photographer. These artists are experts at capturing candid moments and natural interactions. If you're looking for wedding photos that are full of life and personality, this is the style for you. 

For couples who want something a little different, fun wedding photography is a great option. This style is all about capturing the spirit of your wedding day in a light-hearted and playful way. Be sure to look for wedding photographers who are willing to try new things and think outside the box. 

No matter what type of wedding photography you prefer, be sure to communicate your vision to your photographer. With a little bit of planning, you can be sure that your wedding photos will be everything you've ever dreamed of.

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Documentary Wedding Photography

Documentary wedding photography is all about moments, laughter, emotion, love and joy. It's about being natural and unposed. The best documentary wedding photographers will capture moments you didn't even know happened. They will document the real emotions that you and your guests feel on your wedding day. And they will do it all in a way that is fun, creative and stylish. So if you're looking for a photographer who can capture the true spirit of your wedding day, then look no further than a documentary wedding photographer.

For many couples, their wedding day is one of the most important days of their lives. It's a day full of love, laughter, and emotion, and they want to remember it forever. That's where documentary wedding photography comes in. Documentary photographers capture moments as they happen, in all their natural beauty. This means unposed shots of the bride and groom laughing together, shedding a few tears, or simply enjoying each other's company. It's these moments that truly capture the spirit of the day and the love between the couple. So if you're looking for wedding photos that are full of joy, emotion, and natural beauty, be sure to hire a documentary photographer.

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Creative Wedding Photography

Getting married is one of the biggest days of your life, so it's important to make sure every detail is perfect. And what better way to capture the memories of your special day than with some creative wedding photography? Whether it's using the landscape to create a dynamic setting or adding a touch of humour with some fun props, the options are endless. And with the help of some expert lighting, you can be sure your photos will be truly memorable. So if you're looking for something a little different, don't be afraid to think outside the box when it comes to your wedding photography.

Traditional Wedding Photography

Classical wedding photography involves taking posed photographs of the bride and groom, their families, and their friends. The goal is to capture timeless, formal images that can be passed down for generations. While traditional wedding photography has its roots in the poses and compositions of classical portraiture, today's classical photographers often use a more naturalistic approach, incorporating elements of candid photography to capture the unique personality of each couple. Whether you are looking for formal elegance or a more naturalistic approach, classical wedding photography can help you create beautiful, lasting memories of your special day.

Traditional wedding photography is all about capturing the classic moments of your big day in a timeless, formal way. Think posed photos with everyone looking their best. This style of photography has been around for generations, and many couples still prefer it to more modern approaches. If you're looking for classical, classic wedding photos, traditional photography is the way to go.

Alternative Wedding Photography

For couples looking for something a little edgy and cool, alternative wedding photography is the perfect solution. These urban, funky photographers are experts at capturing the unique spirit of your big day. With their edgy style and creative eye, they'll be able to capture all the memories you'll want to remember – and some you never even knew existed! They're also great at working with couples who are less than traditional – so if you're looking for something truly unique, they're the ones to call.

If you're looking for something edgy and cool for your wedding photography, why not go for an urban style? Funky and unique, this type of photography is perfect for couples who want to stand out from the norm. With its edgy vibes and Cool aesthetic, urban wedding photography is perfect for couples who appreciate edgy art. And what's more, it's also a great way to document your big day in a truly unique way. So if you're looking for something alternative for your wedding photography, be sure to check out urban styles. You won't be disappointed!

Bridal Preps wedding photography

On the morning of your wedding day, you want to feel confident, relaxed and beautiful. Unfortunately, wedding nerves can sometimes get the better of us, leaving us feeling anything but calm. That's where bridal preparation photography comes in. This reportage style of photography captures all the laughter, fun and emotion of the morning, providing a beautiful documentary record of one of the most special days of your life. What's more, the photos can be a great source of reassurance on those occasions when you start to doubt whether everything will come together on the day. So if you're looking for a way to help yourself relax and enjoy your wedding preparations, why not consider hiring a photographer to capture it all?

Groom Preps wedding photography

On the big day, it's not just the bride who wants to look their best. The groom also needs to make sure they're looking sharp for their close-up. That's where groom preparation photography comes in. This type of reportage photography captures the fun and laughter of the morning as the groom gets ready for the big day. Whether it's helping the best man with his tie or sharing a joke with the groomsmen, every moment is captured in a creative and documentary style. As well as being a great way to capture some memories of the big day, groom preparation photography is also a lot of fun. So if you're looking for something a bit different, make sure to ask your photographer about this unique reportage style.

Father seeing his daughter in the dress for the first time

A reportage style professional photograph of the father seeing her daughter in her wedding dress for the first time can be so much more than a stiff posed photo. It can be full of raw emotion, laughter and even tears. Capturing these moments in a fun and documentary style will result in images that truly capture the love and bond between a father and daughter on this very special occasion. These are the kind of photographs that will be cherished for generations to come.

It was the moment every father dreads, but also the one he dreamed of for years. His little girl, all grown up and about to embark on the next stage of her life. As the reportage photographer capturing the professional photographs, it was my job to document the father seeing his daughter in her wedding dress for the first time. But it was also my privilege to witness the love and emotion between them. The father's tears were mixed with laughter as he spun his daughter around in delight, while she beamed with happiness. It was a truly special moment, and I'm honoured to have captured it in such a beautiful way.

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Brides arrival at the ceremony

As any wedding photographer will tell you, there's nothing quite like the moment when the bride arrives at the ceremony. The laughter, the tears, the emotion, the nerves all come to a head in those few short minutes. And it's the wedding photographer's job to capture it all. But it's not just about taking a few snaps. It's about capturing the essence of the moment, the feeling of overwhelming joy and love that comes with finally tying the knot. It's one of the most important moments of the day, and wedding photography is all about capturing those special moments so that they can be treasured for a lifetime.

wedding photography is all about capturing the emotions of the day. And there's no moment more full of emotion than when the bride arrives at the ceremony. The wedding photographer's job is to capture that feeling of nerves and excitement, as well as the laughter and tears that come with it. It's a challenging but rewarding task, and one that wedding photographers take seriously. After all, these photos will be looked back on for years to come, so it's important to get them right. With that in mind, here are a few tips for taking great professional photographs of the bride arriving at the ceremony. First, make sure to get there early so you can set up your equipment and choose your vantage point. Then, be prepared to capture a range of emotions, from laughter to tears. And finally, don't forget to have fun! These photos should reflect the joy and excitement of the day, so make sure your own energy is high. wedding photography is all about capturing those special moments, so make sure you're ready to do just that!

The ceremony

wedding photography is all about capturing the laughter, tears, and emotion of the big day. But where should a photographer position themselves to get the best shots? First, take a look at the wedding venue. If the ceremony is taking place in a church, look for spots where the light is streaming in through the windows. This will create a beautiful backlit effect that is perfect for wedding photographs. Another good spot to position yourself is at the front of the church, near the aisle. This way, you can capture the bride and groom as they walk down the aisle towards each other. As they say, wedding photography is all about capturing those special moments on camera. So make sure you're in the right place at the right time to get those perfect shots!

wedding photography is all about capturing the emotions of the day. And there is no shortage of emotion on a wedding day! From the laughter of the guests to the tears of the bride, there are plenty of photo ops for the wedding photographer. But where are the best spots to position oneself? The aisle is a great place to catch the nerves of the groom as he waits for his bride to come down the aisle. The front row is also a great spot for capturing the laughter and tears of the guests. Of course, no wedding photo album would be complete without a few shots of the bride and groom exchange vows. So be sure to position yourself near the altar for a front-row seat to all the action!

The signing of the register

wedding day is complete without a few photographs of the bride and groom signing the marriage certificate. These photos are important not only for documenting the event, but also for capturing the emotions of the day. While it's important to get a few formal, posed shots of the newlyweds with their witnesses, it's also essential to capture some natural moments. A good wedding photographer will be able to capture both the formality and the intimacy of the moment, resulting in a set of photographs that truly tells the story of your wedding day.

On your wedding day, there are a million things to think about – but don't forget to capture the moment you make it official! A professional photographer can help you to get a natural set of images as well as a formal posed photograph. wedding photographer will know how to capture the essence of the occasion, and they will be able to provide you with a beautiful album that you can cherish for years to come. So, when you're planning your wedding, make sure to include a professional photographer on your list of must-haves!

The confetti shot

wedding photographers love nothing more than a good confetti shot. There's something about the colour, energy and joy that just screams wedding photography. Of course, getting the perfect shot is not always easy. The key is to make sure the confetti is in motion and full of emotion. wedding photographers need to be quick on their feet and ready to capture the moments as they happen. With a little patience and a lot of practise, anyone can get the perfect confetti shot.

Lot's of wedding photographs of guests during the drinks reception

wedding photography is all about capturing the story of the day, and that story wouldn't be complete without images of the wedding guests enjoying themselves. That's why I always make sure to take plenty of reportage wedding photographs of guests talking and socialising. I want to capture the laughter, the emotion and the fun that makes a wedding so special. Of course, it's not always easy to get people to relax in front of the camera, but that's part of the challenge that I love about wedding photography. When everything comes together and I capture a truly special moment, it's all worth it.

Formal family wedding photographs

A wedding is a timeless event. It's a day when two people come together to start a new life, and everything about the day should be perfect. That's why hiring a wedding photographer is so important. A wedding photographer will capture all the special moments of the day, from the bride getting ready to the first dance. They'll make sure that every detail is captured, and that the photos are traditional and timeless. But capturing some key family members in some formal/staged wedding photographs is also important. This 20 minutes spent capturing these photos will be worth it, because they'll be framed and printed and hung up on the walls for years to come. They'll be a reminder of this special day, and of the love that was shared on that day.

Bride and groom wedding photographs

wedding photographer will always try to get some relaxed and creative bride and groom portraits. These are the pictures that the wedding couple will be happy to hang on their wall. The wedding photographer will focus on humour, romance and the landscape to create a set of wedding pictures. They may even use framed wedding pictures to add fun and excitement to the wedding photographs.

wedding photography is all about capturing the happy couple in a range of candid and posed shots. However, it's also important to spend some time taking more formal portraits, such as the bride and groom together. This provides an opportunity to capture the romance of the day, as well as the couple's personality. A great way to do this is to spend 20 minutes taking bride and groom portraits in a relaxed and creative way. Focusing on humour, romance and the landscape will help to create a set of pictures they will be happy to hang on their wall. wedding photographers should remember that even though these shots may take a little longer to set up, they are well worth the effort.

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Wedding photographs of the speeches

As anyone who has been to a wedding knows, the speeches are often one of the most emotional parts of the day. Between the laughter and tears, there is plenty of material for a wedding photographer to work with. reportage style wedding photography is all about capturing natural moments as they happen, so a wedding photographer will be on hand to capture all the emotions of the speeches. From the father of the bride's touching words to the best man's hilarious stories, each speech will be captured in a creative and natural way. So if you're looking for wedding photography that captures all the emotion of your big day, make sure to book a reportage style photographer.

As any wedding photographer knows, the speeches are one of the most important parts of the wedding day. Not only do they capture the laughter, tears and emotion of the day, but they also provide a unique insight into the relationships between the bride and groom and their families. However, capturing these natural moments can be challenging, especially if the wedding photographer is not familiar with the reportage style. Luckily, there are some simple techniques that any wedding photographer can use to take beautiful and natural wedding photographs of the speeches. First, it is important to be creative in your composition. Second, look for natural expressions of emotion. Third, focus on capturing the laughter and tears. By following these simple tips, any wedding photographer can take stunning wedding photographs of the speeches that will be cherished by the bride and groom for years to come.

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Wedding photographs of the first dance

A wedding photographer's job is not only to capture the posed portraits of the bride and groom, but also to capture the energy and laughter of the wedding guests as they let loose on the dance floor. The first dance is usually a very formal affair, but after this, it's time for the wedding guests to let their hair down and have some fun. Capturing reportage-style photographs of friends and family members throwing shapes on the dance floor is a great way to add a touch of creativity to your wedding photography portfolio. Plus, it's always good to have a few shots of everyone letting loose and having fun - it's these candid moments that your clients will cherish most.

wedding photographer will be lurking in the shadows, ready to pounce on unsuspecting guests as they let their hair down and enjoy the party. This is when the real fun begins, and wedding photographer will be there to capture all the laughter and energy. In a reportage style, wedding photographer will document all the action as it happens, resulting in a set of dynamic and creative wedding photographs. So if you're looking for some unique wedding photography, make sure to schedule in some time for wedding photographer to let loose on the dance floor.