Yesterday was amazing. We held our very first shooting workshop with one of our best friends and amazing photographer Neil Redfern, in the penthouse of The Place in Manchester! We were so so lucky that we had the most wonderful group of people who were all super excited about getting out there and capturing some fab images. We drank copious amounts of tea. We laughed. We made new friends. We shot some awesome portraits. We want to do it again … now!

Massive huuuuuuge thanks have to go to Pete & Laura Lawson, along with Julia who were our absolutely incredible models for the day. Also, Katie from Lace Bridal and Love Miss Daisy who were really kind in providing our beautiful dresses, and Laura from Laurel Weddings for the gorgeous flowers. Last but not least, our magic fingered hair and make-up artist Samira was amazing!

Here are some of Liam’s fave images from the day :-)


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  1. Wow. I am definitely coming to your next shooting workshop Liam, Bee & Neil. Absolutely amazing photos! ;)

  2. Gorgeous! A fantastic day! Wish I had a Bee to get mine processed that quick :-) Thanks so much guys for all the help and inspiration. It was a privilege to see how you make awesome work like this xx

  3. Fabulous images once again! I love looking at your pics, love them more each and every time! :) looks as though you had a fantastic day!

  4. Love so many of those pics, look amazingly happy and funny.
    although – you threw the bouquet?!? :P

  5. Crawley gold from start to finish!! Absolutely brilliant, love love love the jumping ones and the look on Laura’s face as she’s throwing the bouquet :-) I want to do it all over again!


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