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  1. Wowee!! You two lookin great nice and slim with big fat smiles just the way we like it!!! The photos are excellent very good use of focal points, contrast and as you know that is my favourite location on the Wirral beutiful, so when am I going to be an uncle I want a little addition to the family!!!!!!;)hahaxxxxx

  2. Weird and wonderful, just like you two! I thought they were great. Dimples looked pretty good – oh, ok, so did you Nat! Can’t wait for the big day.

    Love Jan xxx

  3. Really captures your relationship; mark on his head ( reliving his stag weekend) and both stuffing your faces with ice cream…haha!!
    We really love them, they are full of fun and so natural,quirky and atmospheric.
    You look very beautiful Nat, your happiness shines through and Marco looks like the cat who’s got the “ice-cream”!
    One very happy Susie Q and Nevin counting down…. xxxx

  4. What wonderful photos you must be so happy with them. A great start to the wedding celebrations!! Xx

  5. What a creative set of images. The silhouette ones are particularly stunning and you both look so happy. I can’t wait for the big day. Much love, Ma x

  6. I LOVE them! They are brilliant, so different! You both look gorgeous- I can’t wait to see what they’ll make you do on the big day!! X

  7. They’re fab ….. it was so much fun, i’ll be sure to share them with the family and friends! Thank you x

  8. Wow! They are amazing, so different, I’ve never seen any like this. I particularly like the ones on the beach in the sunset and the ice cream ones. I’m most excited about what they’ll do on the Big Day itself

  9. WOW these are wonderful images full of humour fun love wit and thoughtfulness – just like the Bride and Groom!

    Can’t wait for the The Big Day.
    much love and joy to you both
    from StepMo


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