Sunday saw the first (hopefully of many!) of our training days with the very talented Neil Redfern, who we also count as one of our lovely friends :-)

The day was absolutely amazing, and we got such great feedback from all those invloved … can’t wait for the next one!

A mahoosive thank you also has to go to all the attendees :-)

There aren’t a great deal of photos as I was in charge of the camera … oops ;-)

We also got this absolutely lovely bottle of gin from one of the attendees! Aren’t we lucky things?!

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  1. What a brilliant day this was! Thank you so much Bee for putting in so much time and effort in to the organisation of the day and making it the success that it was. Yourself and Liam are shining lights in the North West wedding photography world and it was a real privilege for me to do the workshop with you both. Here’s to the next one!!


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