We made the loooong journey down to my hometown of Stamford for a Christmas with the entire family :-) There were so many of us that we had to rent out a big house to fit us all in! A lovely Christmas was had, with immense amounts of food and booze, lots of laughs and giggles, and an amazing dinosaur onesie! Christmas2012-1 Christmas2012-2 Christmas2012-4 Christmas2012-6 Christmas2012-8 Christmas2012-10 Christmas2012-13 Christmas2012-16 Christmas2012-17 Christmas2012-19 Christmas2012-22 Christmas2012-24 Christmas2012-26 Christmas2012-27 Christmas2012-33 Christmas2012-38 Christmas2012-42 Christmas2012-43 Christmas2012-45 Christmas2012-46 Christmas2012-48 Christmas2012-50 Christmas2012-51 Christmas2012-54 Christmas2012-55 Christmas2012-63 Christmas2012-64 Christmas2012-65 Christmas2012-66 Christmas2012-67 Christmas2012-69 Christmas2012-70 Christmas2012-74 Christmas2012-75 Christmas2012-76 Christmas2012-78 Christmas2012-83 Christmas2012-85 Christmas2012-86 Christmas2012-90 Christmas2012-91 Christmas2012-94 Christmas2012-96 Christmas2012-99 Christmas2012-100 Christmas2012-101 Christmas2012-102 Christmas2012-106 Christmas2012-110 Christmas2012-112 Christmas2012-115 Christmas2012-116 Christmas2012-117 Christmas2012-118 Christmas2012-121 Christmas2012-122 Christmas2012-124 Christmas2012-126

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